Saturday, 11 December 2010

the bionic cultchie winds down

My radiotherapy is over! Yay! And apart from being frazzled and knackered and having severely impaired organisational abilities (alas I am currently unable to pair socks or use cash or remember if I’ve taken pills), I feel very relieved to still recognise the inside of my head as my own and not some other Worzel Gummidge accessory although the radio in the waiting room had different ideas on the transformative effects of the process. It was playing Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now:

I'm burning through the skies Yeah!
Two hundred degrees
That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man of you
Don't stop me now I'm having such a good time
I'm having a ball don't stop me now

I’m very glad they have stopped me and I’m very glad to be cutting down these steroids. I’ve had enough of being the bionic cultchie. I have an inner sloth to consider.

So that last treatment was no bother at all. The radiotherapists were all buzzing about their Christmas do. There was a party atmosphere in the treatment centre and it felt like a different place as they were telling me that 30 of them would be squeezing into one changing room to get ready.

I asked what happens to the mask now and they said I could take it if I wanted. I said yes please, I’m in need of a colander for the Brussel sprouts.

Coming events I’m now bracing myself for are: hair loss over the next few days and then the start of my chemo on Wednesday. But sure I’ve done it all before so I’m well prepared and Mullan, after all is the anglicisation of O'Maolain, from the Gaelic word "maol" meaning bald, so really it's in the breed of me.  

In the meantime I’m hoping to have a romantic weekend, go to a sale at an art supply shop, and maybe write an essay on hair.

Thank you for all the messages. kxxxx


  1. Glad the radiotherapy is all over missis. Embrace your inner sloth and hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend with your nearest and dearest! Even bionic culchies need a rest...

    Have fun creating fabulous artworks with your new materials and hope you get to chill out for a bit, and take good care. Sending you lots of love from muddy Belfast (all the snow has melted, boo)

    Karen xx

  2. And the meaning of ‘Kelly’ is ‘bright-headed’, so get out the Mr Sheen. Enjoy your romantic weekend.

  3. So the forename Maoliosa actually means Bald Jesus! Someone's just dicovered the perfect name for his first son....

  4. Somebody told me a great story about 'Don't stop me now' being played in the waiting room of a sexual health clinic - causing even more clearing of throats and staring at feet than usual.

    I'm glad you're keeping the mask - it looks like it will be a very effective colander for brussels sprouts. I've been keeping Katy D updated on your blogging as she still lives in the early 90s before the internet.
    love Anna. xxx

  5. U can lend me ur mask when ur finished, might use it 4 the washing machine, looks a little like them bags u put ur tablets into the wash with lol. Hope u have a chillaxing weekend, at least u'll not have to worry about them hairy spiders any more!
    Love Martina xo

  6. You are the 'Bestest' person we know cos we love Brussel Sprouts! and now that you have a Great Big Colander to drain them in, we would love to join you in Spain at Christmas so we can have Christmas dinner with loads and loads of Brussel Sprouts!
    Enjoy your romantic weekend away Kelly, you certainly deserve it. You have an outstanding strength, a brilliant sense of humour and you are an inspiration to to all of us. We love reading your blog it is so funny. By the way the baldness comes from the Slaght Genes! Take care and lots and lots of love and prayers. Uncle Danny and Maureen Mullan. xxxooo

  7. Hi Kelly
    We love your blog Looking forward to you and the mask at the next fancy dress party on Killeeshil road.Fight the good fight and enjoy the romantic weekend You certainly have earned it.

    God Bless you are always in our thoughts

    Patsy and his guardian Angel x0x

  8. Hi Kelly, Glad your finished your radiotherapy, hope you and John have a lovely weekend!! The mesh would be great for putting socks in when they're in the machine, i can never find a matching pair after they're washed!! :0)Danella xx

  9. Kelly, your blog is a beautiful and hilarious read. Thanks for sharing! I'd recommend my blog to you but it's mostly pictures of guys in their pants. Simon fae up in Scotland xx